No More

Dear Anonymous One,


I wonder if this silence kills you as much as it does me.

Somehow, I assume that you will never see.

I gave up everything to be with you

Yet, I know deep in my heart, in return it is not what you do.

You beg me not to go

As if I am not filled with enough sorrow.

You beg for me to stay

For a fresh start with a new day

That you will change for us all

And I would no longer be your doll.

Sad to say, this is the same plea

Just let me go so I can be free

Slowly suffocating because I do not belong here

Please stop.  I am no longer your dear.

You proved to me many times before

That I am not the one you want

Even though you were one I adore

How will this time be different?

 Whatever is left of us is no more.


Anonymous TD


It Takes Two

Dear Anonymous One,

It takes two…

    To go on a date
    To hug one another
    To kiss passionately
    To be a couple
    To make love
    To get engaged
    To vow “for better or for worse”
    To create a fetus
    To rule our empire together
    To create a family
    To coach each other
    To not give up on one another
    To keep fighting
    To compromise
All of this can not be done with one.
    Anonymous TD


Dear Anonymous One,

After all the lies, you expect me to give you one more chance and swore that it all will change.

Do you know how much my heart ache?

In our time that we could share, you choose her.

The calls you made to her belongs to me, all your words that you gave her should be mine.

Yet here I am… alone and teary.  Why did you give her what is mine?

As if all the shattered pieces of my heart was her prize.

Did it ever occur to you that you were also mine?


Anonymous TD



Dear Anonymous One,

Why do you make it feel like it is all my fault…

as if I am never enough?

One lesson that this love has taught

is for me to be tough.


My heart is foolishly beating for you

as much as you make my life blue.

If only it was not true

and you never did the things you do.


We could be happy forever.

We will be each other’s treasures.

What’s broken can not be mended

especially by the person who dented.



Anonymous TD


[Ruth B. – If This is Love]


Dear Anonymous One,

I gave you everything that I have and more, to the point where only bones were left. Why do you do this to me?  You constantly nag about my flaws that you were once mesmerized by and now want me to change them to be the one you dream of.  Then why not go back to the one that you imagined got away.  I loved you for you, from the top of my heart, I would never place you in such a place that felt empty.  Yet that is where I seem to be in yours.

I use to be able to confide in you for anything and now…  I hide from you, hoping you no longer seek me.  In return I felt such horrid pain and yet, idly I stay hopeful you will return to me, innocent and kind.  I no longer know who or what to blame…  Going into adulthood, financially or sexually, I have always been a pleaser.  I long to make you happy and now, that no longer bothers me.  I have grown to know what it means to survive… NO, live by myself.  I use to weep silently as your drift asleep but now… I find peace in itself.  Mainly because I do not have to hear you shout and scream how idiotic I am, how untraditional I can be and how you silently compare me to the others.

Honestly, I found you when I was lost.  You were my savior, disguised as a villain.  I thought you were going to save me from the host.  Now, you make every decision.

You say that I want to still be young and free because I hang out with those who does not have a stone on their finger.  The truth is… I have no one else, I only want your attention but you are drawn to someone else.  You do not understand the effect you have on me and never paid attention to any of the details.  I just want you to understand why I entertain myself with romantic movies and melodies.  In the end, the simple answer after all this anger is because I miss us.



Anonymous TD

Dear Anonymous One,

When did I no longer became enough?  We used to stay up all night and I would sneak late phone calls just to hear your voice for a mere 15 minutes.  Now I am not worth your time and am nothing more but an object.  Do you not remember whispering about our dreams, dreams that involved us both.

Why reel me in only to be cast back out?  I am tired of all the fishing games so please make up your mind if you want to keep me or release me.  Release me to be free so I can breathe.  If you want to keep me, treasure me as I am fragile and can no longer endure what you repeatedly put me through.


Anonymous TD


Long Gone

Dear Anonymous One,

Hurt me so I may be inspired by all the sorrow that may come forth.

Push me aside as if I never was first to begin with, and let me sit at the bottom.

Do you see what I see, feel what I feel?

We have drifted from one another in a way that seems impossible to mend

like a game of make-believe and pretend.

All of our dreams about growing old starts to fade as if what crept upon us was nothing more but a disease,

and I can no longer approach you with ease.

With all the long talks of forever,

How did we lose sight of all that was endured to be together?



Anonymous TD