No More

Dear Anonymous One,


I wonder if this silence kills you as much as it does me.

Somehow, I assume that you will never see.

I gave up everything to be with you

Yet, I know deep in my heart, in return it is not what you do.

You beg me not to go

As if I am not filled with enough sorrow.

You beg for me to stay

For a fresh start with a new day

That you will change for us all

And I would no longer be your doll.

Sad to say, this is the same plea

Just let me go so I can be free

Slowly suffocating because I do not belong here

Please stop.  I am no longer your dear.

You proved to me many times before

That I am not the one you want

Even though you were one I adore

How will this time be different?

 Whatever is left of us is no more.


Anonymous TD


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