Drift Wood

I have aged, matured, and I am still aimlessly wandering.

With land in sight, I wonder if this is where I want to be.

Should I let the waves continue to push me to shore

or fight back and wander some more?


I continue to drift.

I have the sun to direct my days,

the stars to shine the way.

and the moon to light the dark;

leading my way to make a mark.

Where do I begin to start my journey

for me to be free,

free from the pulls of the waves.


Like driftwood that may wander from land to sea

and sea back to land, I want to be free.



Anonymous TD





[Little Did You Know - Alex and Sierra]

Dear Anonymous One,

I wished we would have left things a lot earlier before it got too deep. 
I knew from the start and told you there would be someone who can make you happy and you doubted that. 
I told you I would be the one hurt in the end and what I said was true. 
I am glad that you are able to find someone who isn't causing you pain like me. 
But I don't want to be the reason why you can't be happy. 
I am really going to try and forget for the last time. 
Noone in the world can hurt and love me the way you always do. 
Aside from writing letters you will never see and that I will never mail out, I guess this will be a place to write. 
Hopefully one day I can forget you completely. 

(I wrote this for you the day we decided to say good-bye on October 29,2013 
and I found myself thinking of you today again.)


Anonymous G

The Atlantic Ocean

[The Sea And The Rhythm – Iron&Wine]

Dear Anonymous One,

I remember you giving me the key to your heart and I placed by my silver heart pendant. I wore it day and night, never wanting to take it off… except when I showered. I held it close to my chest at night when I sleep, hoping and wishing you will feel my love.

One day I woke up and we were no longer “we” but just you and me… separately. I still had the key next to my heart; I have never felt such heartache in my life until you. I knew I just had to get away, get away from you, from everyone.  I jumped in my car and drove, I headed for the coast because I knew all I had to do was drive.  All the strength I once had was used on the love I gave to you. Now, that is gone, I am weak.

When I got to the beach, the sun started to set and I took off my necklace.  Our necklace that we both cherished and loved.  I held on to it until the sun has set and it was starting to get dark.  I watch as it flew elegantly in the air and disappeared quickly into the Atlantic ocean. It disappears just like our love; it was beautiful at first and then it vanishes just like it never happened.

Maybe that is why I dislike the ocean… it reminded me of the love that I once had for a foolish boy.You were my foolish boy… it reminded me of you.


Anonymous G


Dear Anonymous One,

Remember the day you gave me the key to your heart and I gave you mine?

Remember the day I told you not to go and do something that was not going to benefit you?

Remember you said you were not going to do it but did it anyway?

Remember me asking you for the truth but you lied?

Remember me telling you that I saw everything?

Remember being terrified of losing me?

Because I remember it all and it made me realize why we broke what we had.


Anonymous G

My Fool

[Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine]

Dear Anonymous One,
I thought about you today, it brought back a memory that was long forgotten… The sunshine-yellow bus came to a halt at my destination. You carried my light blue book bag, reached for my hand and led me off the bus. We walked home down the winding dirt road, it was humid and sticky and I can see you shine from all the sweat that ran down your face.  You smelled of AXE, hair full of gel, glasses hanging on your face and the biggest smile that a fool could have… My fool.

All the younger siblings were waiting for us to get home so they can meet you; you made the best impression on them. We played soccer and chat until the skies were full of red and orange hues and it was time for you to go home. The crickets were chirping and the lighten bugs lighting their tails searching and calling for their soulmate as your mother came and picked you up.  We finally said our goodbyes and as you walk away and hopped into the car. I ran back inside and stood at my window searching for the red lights that beamed from the vehicle; who knew that was going to the be the first and last time you were going to visit me.


Anonymous G


Dying Love

Dear Anonymous One,

Why do you hurt me so?  Does it make you feel better insulting me in front of a crowd?  Why do you assert your dominance when you said you love me?  Do you love me? I have done all that I can to keep in your best interest and to keep you satisfied.  Why do you go around hurting others but when they attack you, it is the end of the world?  I want to be able to help you but you do not allow me to, then what am I suppose to do.  I can only take so much and I am slowly dying inside because I can no longer stand your childish behavior.  Why are you never satisfied with what you have?  You are always chasing dreams and other things but never me anymore; have I bored you to death?

Then I ask myself, why do I stay?  Do I love you enough to stay to endure all the humiliation and how long?  Do I dare ask you to change and say goodbye to your inferior behavior or to me? Should I be afraid of your answer or should I be relieved? Do I love myself enough to say that enough is enough?  Do I love myself enough to leave your side, the only side that I know?  I ask myself each night why do I stay and I can think of nothing but one reason; the reason is not you and the reason can always be by my side.  Anonymous One, I do hope you could change one day so you can see all the riches you already have.


Anonymous TD